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Dr. Rachel Frozenfar, D.C.





Dr. Rachel Frozenfar. D.C.


As specialist in ergonomics and chiropractic, Dr. Rachel Frozenfar has been assisting companies in the prevention and cure of ergonomic and work related injuries since 1987.   Throughout the country and in Silicon Valley, repetitive stress injury is generally caused from physical work-related habits that are easily remedied by a trained ergonomics specialist.  High tech workers experience long days at the office with little alternative movement.  It is estimated that American business is losing 15 billion dollars a year due to these injuries in health care, workers comp costs, and missed days due to sickness.  Dr. Frozenfar lectures about how injury can be prevented and cured.


Dr. Frozenfar's chiropractic practice, Valley Chiropractic, is located in Los Altos, CA.  Patients are seen regularly for a multitude of  problems as well as prevention of injury.  Prior to running a practice in the Bay Area, Dr. Frozenfar worked with clinics throughout the country in California, Florida, New York and Connecticut and is certified to practice in each state. 

She has consulted for United Airlines, Future Industrial Technologies, 4D (computer company), Sutter Health, the City of Sunnyvale and in elementary schools in the area. 

Prior to her work in the United States, Dr. Frozenfar ran a chiropractic practice in Israel, where she designed and implemented protocol for prevention of injury in the workplace for OSHA.  Throughout the project, she created over 700 lectures to assist workers in the prevention and treatment of injury.  Also in Israel, Dr. Frozenfar worked with Assaf Ha-Rofe Hospital with an orthopedic specialist to treat patients with whiplash.  Protocol is currently being used at the hospital on a research basis according to research requirements.

In the News:

Dr. Frozenfar has published articles such as "Ergonomic Problems in Today's Workplace Taken Seriously", LOS ALTOS TOWN CRIER, October 18th, 2000. January 11th, 2002 Silicon Valley Business Inc has an article on Ergonomics. You will find her seminars publicized in various journals such as the SILICON VALLEY BUSINESS INC. Issue December 7th, 2001 identified her May 1st seminar on WOMEN AND HEALTH. Samples:




Dr. Frozenfar received her Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College.  She has a Master's degree in Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics and a BA in Psychology from Queens College in New York.


Dr. Rachel Frozenfar currently lives in Palo Alto with her husband and two children.