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Tip Sheet

by Dr. Frozenfar

1. Gain Management “Buy-In”

A key to any wellness program is management support. Start with at least one or two advocates in management. To gain management support, present an ergonomics program as an investment, with detailed reports and statistics so that management sees that you've thought it through clearly.

2. Identify Your Company's Needs

If your company decides to develop an ergonomics program, the next step is to identify a qualified ergonomist. Dr. Rachel Frozenfar’s program comes from her background in chiropractic and research in occupational biomechanics, so she is professionally trained. You want to make sure that the ergonomist has a strong biomechanical and clinical background.

3. Offer incentives

Incentives are often the key to gaining employee participation in a wellness program, but designing an incentive plan can be challenging. Experts suggest companies offer employees a chance to win a day off with pay. Paid time off and money are the two most desired incentives among American employees.

4. Conduct evaluations afterward:

If you don't collect the data, there's no way to assess your success. The importance of having data - before and after a program - is essential to demonstrating the effectiveness of any wellness program. Doing so provides the needed evidence to management that a wellness program works so that it can continue.

Have employees complete evaluations after every program. Dr. Frozenfar insists that it is not enough to find that people enjoyed a particular program, she wants to find that patients are more productive at work. These questions help measure a program's success. Evaluations can aid in developing future programs. Be certain there is on-site follow up.

5. Be creative

A company without the budget for an elaborate program can bring in experts like Dr. Frozenfar to speak to employees.

6. Follow the program

Dr. Frozenfar’s program examines all work stations and consults the workers who occupy them. Follow through: look for and replace any equipment or procedures that require awkward or repetitive motion.

To contact Dr. Rachel Frozenfar, please call Valley Chiropractic at 650-941-4475