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Learn How to Travel Stress-Free

A Cost-Free Seminar

By Dr. Rachel Frozenfar, D.C.


Experts say the world of air travel has changed -- some say forever. 

 The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press released a poll showing that 25% of travelers had canceled a flight out of a newfound fear of flying.

According to another survey, 29% of travelers said they will not fly or have changed their existing plans.

Those committed to flying, however, will spend additional time standing in line and carrying luggage and laptops.

For those on the go, Dr. Rachel Frozenfar and stress expert Randy Lane will offer tips on how to prevent back and other injuries from prolonged periods of travel.


 “Surviving One of the Side-Effects of Terrorism: Increased Stress for the Business Traveler

At this seminar, Dr. Frozenfar will demonstrate:

  • how to perform tasks and avoid injury in at-risk situation

  • show you how you can protect your body during long periods of waiting as well as while driving long distances

  • techniques that can be used in the office for repetitive stress and other injuries

In addition, Randy Lane, an expert on stress in the workplace, will discuss the warning signs that indicate excess stress in work life.  He will offer solutions and how-to tips on managing and reducing stress in the workplace during this period of unease. 


For Dr. Rachel Frozenfar's and Randy Lane's background and expertise, see biography.

"We are seeing patients under increased stress since September 11, says Frozenfar.

I believe that medical personnel need to be sensitive to these changes and offer whatever expertise they can.

I am spending time with my patients-offering them exercises and counseling on how to prevent injuries caused from repetitive stress." 

           Dr. Frozenfar

" Traveling by air has changed since September 11, says Manny Cherkas, a regular at Dr. Frozenfar's office.

I recently traveled oversees and noticed that the wait is more than twice as long as it used to be.

I have to carry my luggage, stand and sit for longer periods of time.

By the time I reached my destination I noticed soreness from all of this movement, not to mention the stress of it all."

Patient Manny Cherkas



Practical Solutions for Everyday Pain

Learn How to Move Your Body to Avoid Stress and Injury

By Dr. Rachel Frozenfar, D.C. and Randy Lane

Workshop Available

Daily activities can leave you at risk for an injury. In addition, long periods of driving or sitting can be stressful on your body.

Dr. Rachel Frozenfar, a local expert in the field of ergonomics, will speak on ways you can protect and treat your body in order to live a more productive lifestyle. Randy Lane, a massage therapist, will join Dr. Frozenfar to talk about healing techniques for the body. Your questions are a welcome part of the discussion.

In this interactive workshop you will learn

  • how you can protect your body during long periods of waiting and standing, as well as ease the discomforts of driving
  • reduce at risk habits at home and at work
  • how to bend, lift, carry and perform tasks in ways that prevent injury
  • exercises that strengthen your back and other areas
  • what to do if you have fallen to prevent further injury
  • stress and relaxation tips


For Dr. Rachel Frozenfar's and Randy Lane's background and expertise, see biography.